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European Agricultural Governance

The Programme is offered for professionals and graduates or students who want to improve their knowledge and professional skills in the fields below and in the area of drafting a modern agricultural policy. It is also addressed to (young) entrepreneurs who pursue business opportunities in the entire spectrum of the agro-food chain.

The Programme is carried out within the European project "European governance in key- areas for the recovery of Greece: agriculture, tourism, maritime policy," which is co-funded by the European Commission and the University of Athens. The Scientific Coordinator of the project is Professor Yannis Valinakis and the Supervisor of this particular lecture series is Professor Napoleon Maravegias.

1. Introduction to the Governance of the European Agriculture
2. The New Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
3. Greek Agricultural Governance measures: how to make effective use of the reformed CAP
4. Dynamic farming and strengthening agricultural exports
5. Business opportunities for quality agricultural products / funding possibilities
6. Incorporation of other Member-States’ best practices  into the Greek reality: the case of livestock sector