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Exiting the economic crisis

This educational program examines the current institutional and financial framework, as developed after the recent initiatives undertaken in the European Union with regard to the new economic governance and Greece. The real causes of the crisis and the political management of the public debt at the national level are considered. The objective is to formulate proposals for reversing the plight of the country by reclaiming sectors where Greece has a comparative advantage: tourism, shipping, energy and mineral resources, agriculture and fisheries.


  1. The new European Framework and the European Economic Governance
  2. Greece and the new plans for Eurozone
  3. A Greek plan for exiting the crisis
  4. Greece - EU (resources: NSRF, budget, European Investment Bank)
  5. Proposals to increase government revenue
  6. Reforms in the political system and public administration
  7. «Rebranding Greece» - Cultural Diplomacy
  8. Greece, the EU and the global redistribution of power after the crisis

Professor Emeritus Panos Kazakos and Professor Napoleon Maraveyas on European Economic Governance – A Greek solution out of the crisis.

Professors Antonis Makridimitris and Georgios Sotirelis on Ways out of the Crisis: Reforms in the public administration and the political system.

Professors Ploutarchos Sakellaris and Panagiotis Liargovas on Ways out of the Crisis: Policies for growth and EU funds.