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Greek Foreign and European Policy

This program studies the Greek foreign policy in the light of the European dimension. Key issues of Greece’s bilateral and multilateral relations with countries and subsystems in its region and the wider international system are analyzed and the problems in Greece’s relations with neighboring countries are highlighted. The aim is to understand the prospects of an active and effective foreign policy. The analysis is enriched by examining the European parameters in all aspects of Greek foreign policy.


  1. Evolution of the Greek European policy
  2. Turkish-Greek relations and the Cyprus issue
  3. EEZ (boundaries, energy, maritime policy of the EU)
  4. The EU enlargement in the Western Balkans and the Greek politics
  5. Greece and Middle East Relations
  6. Greece and U.S. and Russia relations
  7. Immigration and external borders

Dr. Thanos Ntokos, Director - General of ELIAMEP, and Evanthis Hatzivassiliou,Associate Professor of Contemporary History At the Department of History, University of Athens on Future perspectives regarding Greek-Turkish relations and the Cyprus Problem.