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Within the Unit, two research groups, consisting of experienced faculty members and young PhD holders (including graduate students and PhD candidates), are already operating, while the addition of new areas of research is expected soon. Moreover, international collaborations between the Unit, European institutions and Universities are being completed. So far, the Unit’s researchers focus on the following topics:

1. European tourism policy
2. Education and Training in sustainable tourism in the EU – Certification systems
3. New forms of tourism in the EU
4. Tourism and Culture – Cultural Heritage Tourism
5. Tourism Law
6. Tourism, Renewable Energy Resources and Environment

In the context of the Unit’s projects, academic work is being prepared (Tourism Law), as well as the creation, in collaboration with other agencies, of a Centre and Network for sustainable tourism in Greece, which will utilize the experience of other EU member countries.

In the 2014-2015 academic year, specialized seminars concerning sustainable tourism are being planned and will soon be announced.