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Working groups

In the context of its research programmes, the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence undertook an effort, within 2010-2013, to identify the key priority areas of a realistic “Greek plan”, which could be adopted in order for Greece to exit the crisis. This effort resulted in the publication of the academic study "Exiting the Crisis: Realistic Proposals" (Publ. Papazisis, Athens, 2014), which focuses primarily on the priorities and direct actions of such a national plan for reconstruction, which would enable the country to fully exploit its actual capacities.

One of the main conclusions of this study was that tourism, agriculture and shipping are undoubtedly powerful weapons, which can lead to even immediate results that would permit the country to exit the crisis and fight skyrocketing unemployment.

Based on these results, the Jean Monnet European Centre of Excellence created three Working Groups in the sectors of Greek tourism, agricultural development and maritime policy, which are interrelated and interconnected. Each group is inspired by a multi-disciplinary approach and guided by the search for applicable policies (policy-oriented) through the close collaboration of academics and experts. Our goal is to formulate proposals, but also to contribute in a practical manner through educational and other training programmes towards a Greek Policy of European Governance in the aforementioned sectors, drawing from the comparative analysis of the best practices of other member states and their optimal implementation in Greek reality.